Thank you, Danke and Merci

When you go on a trip like ours you need help of many people to make it happen. A lot of help is needed prior to the departure and during the preparation period. And then again on the trip itself.

We know that a trip like that is not possible without help so we would like to say a big

Thank you and Dankeschön to

  • Markus, Patrick and Christian: For spending many hours with Jan in the workshop getting Nanuk on its feet/wheels. And also the mental support during those hours where it looked like it would never happen.
  • Christian „Chrigu“: For his help with all the new wiring and cables that Nanuk needed.
  • The guys from Böhler Car service in Weil am Rhein, Germany: For helping Jan a lot with repairing Nanuk (way beyond what they needed to).
  • Stevan (Stevie): For finding a storage room for all our stuff and sending us the green insurance card to Serbia and also hosting our Website.
  • Detlef, Christian, Lisa, Peter, Anja, Uwe, Däni, Stevie, Claudia and Dominique: For helping us with our move from the appartement in Basel to the storage Room in Zürich.
  • Sarah: For handling our swiss postmail and being in charge of our bank accounts back at home.
  • Sven and Aplan: For supporting us in the fuel department.
  • Mami-Vreni: For letting us live in her home between our moving out of the appartement and leaving for the trip (and much more).
  • Anne and Michi: For their massive (and patient) support with the shippings of our car.
  • Frieder and Brunhilde: For taking some of our stuff that we didn’t want to put in the storage room and much more.
  • Corina: For taking care of our plants, despite claiming that she has no green thumb.

Also during our journey many good souls crossed our path. Our special thanks go to….

  • Jelena, Ilja, Dragan and Milica in Belgrade, Serbia: For letting us sleep in their home and showing us Belgrade while waiting for the green insurance card.
  • Doris and Mihail in Selcuk, Turkey: For this wonderful turkish Raclette and swiss company.
  • Charly and Barbara in Ayas, Turkey: For spoiling us with a very nice campsite and very good food, homemade bread and marmelade.
  • Jodat in Lahore, Pakistan: For his nice hospitality. Lola could recover here very well and get ready for india. We called it the 15’000 km break (or inspection).
  • Munna and his guys in Bihar Sharif, India: For trying their best to repair Nanuk, bringing us to Kolkata and staying with us until all our problems had been solved.
  • Cornelia and Raffi in Singapore: For inviting us to their house, showing us arround and letting us have a wonderful time with Sarah. Jan recovered perfectly from his food poisoning.
  • Brett in Auckland, New Zealand: For picking us up at the airport and giving us a very good start in New Zealand.
  • Patricia in Auckland, New Zealand: For providing us with a place to stay and making us feel at home during our first week in New Zealand.
  • Ken and Jocelyn in Manurewa, New Zealand: For exchanging our landrover-world-trip-experiences during nice dinners and giving us their guestroom. And for helping us getting Nanuk out of customs, pass MAF inspection and VTNZ registration and to get Nanuk on the street.
  • Flavia and Todd in Te Puke, New Zealand: For a wonderful Christmas and a cheerful New Years Eve. For letting us be a part of their family and life. For beeing true friends.
  • Deborah, New Zealand: For providing us with camping equipment that we needed for our East coast trip and wonderful dinners.
  • The Steward family, New Zealand: For having us over in Johnsonville for two nights. We enjoyed staying there a lot.
  • Jeff and Chris, New Zealand: For the great tour of Christchurch, all the lovely food. Sharing good stories of travelling the world. And showing Liliane how to knit.
  • Angel und Martin in Sydney, Australia: For having us over and looking after Lola and Liliane, while Jan was at home in Europe.
  • Melanie and Jarred in Brisbane, Australia: For having us at their house until we had our car licensed and insured in Queensland.
  • Vanessa, Gavin, Dylan and Ben in Ocean Reef, Australia: For having us at their wonderful home, making sure we had some wonderful last days on our trip. We do think of the pool every day, now that we’re back home.
  • Arno and Andre from Amsterdam, Netherlands: For the ten cool days in Konacik, Turkey.
  • Bruce and his girls, Carterton, New Zealand: For beeing detectives, finding out our email address after seeing our picture in a landrover magazine, inviting us to their home and beeing so generous with us.
  • Lori and Steve, Motueka, New Zealand: For providing us with their organic home grown fruits and vegies, a delicious dinner and a place to sleep. And the exchange of many travel experiences while we were in India and New Zealand together.
  • Christoph and Steffi from Regenburg, Germany: For the very sweet thought of inviting us to a cappucino and hot chocolate in Queenstown. The first visit of a cafe after 4 month in New Zealand.
  • Romy and Miro from Switzerland, Danielle from New Zealand, Rudi and Kerstin from Austria, Ursel and Janus from Germany and Dara and Zuzka from the Czech republic: For sharing a part of their journey with us and beeing very nice travel mates! And even more so for still exchanging e-mails with us.

Eine Antwort auf „Thank you, Danke and Merci“

Hallo ihr Drei,
tolle Reise die ihr da gemacht habt. Wir, Judith und ich haben uns auch gerade einen Land Rover Defender gekauft und sind dabei, in im hinteren Teil auszubauen. Dabei haben wir uns überlegt, vorne noch einen „Notsitz“ einzubauen. Meine Frage ist jetzt, wie habt ihr das auf eurer Tour gemacht, hat eure Tochter immer zwischen euch gesessen oder habt ihr hinten noch einen Sitz gelassen?
Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland


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